“ACM is like reading a condensed version of Up to Date! It really rocks!”

Anthony H
Medical student

“I learned about this website from a friend and started using it before I saw a patient in clinic. Wow! It was great! I could read a bunch of information in a few minutes about a topic. The information was concise and great! Keep it up!”

Catherine G
PGY-2 IM resident

“One of my colleagues in my group told me about this and I decided to take a look. I see about 15 patients a day and don’t have much time. But it took just a minute to read about the work-up for hyperthyroidism after seeing my patient and I could even do it in their room! Looks great!”

Michael T
Practicing Family Medicine doctor

“Thank you, ACM, for making such a cool product! I love the neat color-coded flowcharts. So easy to follow and see what to do to work up a patient. I use this before rounds every day to get a better idea of what to do without reading long paragraphs. Love it!”

Elizabeth C
Medical student

“I love the ease of going between topics and being able to see bullet points instead of reading long paragraphs like in UpToDate.”

Kali R
Practicing physician

“I love the bullet points and everything being on 1 page. There is some scrolling involved, but it is so easy. I also like the flowcharts being zoomed out to see everything better. Love the color!”

Neil P
PGY-3 IM Resident

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